Wesco’s Brand New Blog

Hi There

Wesco is still in the process of setting up this blog. In due time we will be updating this with company information, industry news, great green information, and anything else that pops into our minds! Feel free to comment or email and expect our first ‘real’ post very soon!

FYI, here’s a bit of Wesco Company background: with a name synonymous with responsible halon management and banking, Wesco has met the continuing needs of more companies in more different industries than any other halon banking company. Our business is worldwide in scope and is counted on by the largest and most demanding companies and organizations in the aerospace, defense, petrochemical, marine, and fire protection industries. Our products and services cover the full range of halon recovery, reclamation and recycling activities, including recycling to international quality standards, system recharging and servicing (on site if necessary), and long term halon bank management. We also buy and sell halon 1301, halon 1211, HFC-227ea (FM-200), FE-13, FE-36, and Halotron



We will see you soon!



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