New Jersey Association of Fire Equipment Distributors

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NJAFED Holds Fall Meeting

NJAFED, the New Jersey Association of Fire Equipment Distributors, also held their fall meeting on October 8th at the Hyatt Regency in New Brunswick, New Jersey. We here at Wesco are actively involved and our own John Demeter is treasurer of the association. After an interesting cocktail hour and over a delicious dinner, members of NJAFED got the chance to voice their opinions after listening to the groups government relations expert- Paul Bent of Pathways Government Relations, LLC, speak about current regulatory problems the association was facing at the State House in Trenton. A major concern was directed towards plumbers, who are currently in the process of trying to add the installation of fire suppression systems into their contracts. The room seemed split on their thoughts. Some thought that it was dangerous for the fire suppression industry while others seemed fine with it as long as they were certified NICET level II. Nonetheless it’s something the organization will be paying attention to.

Then NJAFED members got the chance to “ask the expert” about the NICET re-certification process. Many tough questions were directed towards Jan Paul Miller and almost all were answered clearly and precisely. The crowd seemed burdened by the whole idea of having to do this but pleased with the level of security provided at the test which will assure that non-qualified individuals will be weeded out. A big concern which Miller said he will take back to NICET with him, is the lack of training courses for these tests. He made it clear that if New Jersey makes it known that they would like a training course in fire protection, we will get one. In addition to training courses, now the tests are going to be written by Fire Safety Experts, therefore making the questions more industry-specific and thus increasing the likelihood of higher scores. All in all, the meeting was a huge success and left members walking away with full stomachs and ease of mind.


– Wesco


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