Civil Aviation Authority speaks of Contaminated Halon Supplies in UK

Well it’s a very rainy Friday here in Metuchen, New Jersey and apparently the weather isn’t going to let up for the entire weekend! Anyways, we wanted to leave you with some informational news, pertaining to some potentially contaminated Halon circulating in the aviation industry in Europe. Luckily we know we are not involved, but there are some trouble that could stand ahead for the others that are:

Wesco  just got word that the Civil Aviation Authority has become aware that there were quantities of Halon 1211 and 1301 that were used in aircraft fire suppression equipment that may not reach specifications. They sent this out to warn that this Halon has entered into the chain of supply and that aircrafts could be affected.  They want owners and operators in the European Aviation Saftety Agency to determine if any potential safety consequences could occur from this problem. Currently they can’t say that there is an unacceptable risk to safety and thus making this announcement strictly preparatory and hopes it will be used for planning and scheduling purposes only, just in case.

The steps that are currently taking place include identifying the suspected Halon batches and the companies supplied with it. Per request, all of the above companies must identify extinguishers filled with the suspected bad batches and they will be Halon tested against the current relevant standard. They have hopes that this will all the total quantity of contaminated Halon and the amount of contamination within to be determined.  If you are an Operator or owner you will be informed as soon as more information becomes available. 

If you have any questions as a result of this article the CAA will be happy to answer to the best at their knowledge. Please Email them at:

If you need an assistance with any Halon or other Clean Agent services you can get more information from: or email me at

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