Professional Connections: Wesco’s LinkedIn

Hi Readers,

Welcome back to Wesco’s blog!

As I’m sure that many of you are aware, social media is hightening the different levels of marketing techniques available for companies. LinkedIn is one of the most reliable sources of information because it really weeds out spam and brings together professionals! Building relationships is a valuble part of any business and this can help you do so.  It opens doors for new jobs, interest related groups, company profiles, and not to mention getting your name out there while meeting alot of interesting people. Of course we had to be a part of the phenomenom! So if you have a linked in please enjoy the following links to our company and professionals working within.

If you have a LinkedIn please check out our company profile @

Or Connect with our President: John Demeter

Marketing Assistant: Lyndsey Hayes

Regional Account Manager: Heather Mastrull

Domestic Business Development: Shannon Esopenko


If you don’t have a LinkedIn, I strongly suggest signing up! It will take you just a few moments to create a profile and start connecting with co-workers, family members, friends, and potential business partners.



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