Climate Change. Policy Change. Political Change.

What effect will changes today have for fire suppression agents tomorrow? In this world of change, one constant remains as the resource and voice for the fire protection industry.

Helping you understand the new green world:

Both science and politics are currently driving a wave of new policies that could have a significant impact over the next decade on some of the agents we use for fire suppression. These policies could influence the cost and availability of hydrofluorocarbons (HFC’s), leading agents for special hazards that are also greenhouse gases. They could also influence the cost and availability of recycled halons, which are ozone depleting substances and greenhouse gases that are no longer manufactured, but are still needed for certain critical fire protection uses.

Right now is a critical time for the special hazard fire suppression industry. Key decision related to the regulation of greenhouse gases are likely to be made by local, national, and international governments over the next few years. Small nuances in the design of the regulations, such as how production allowances are allocated, could influence how they affect users of HFCs.

*HARC is a non-profit trade association originally formed in 1989 to promote the development and approval of halon alternatives. HARC serves as an information clearinghouse and a focal point for cooperation between government and industry on issues of importance to special hazard fire protection. Members include alternative agent manufacturers, equipment manufacturers, distributors, recyclers, and end-users.

[This information was taken from the newest HARC brochure:    You can read more on HARC and these issues at:]


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