UN Climate Change: FSSA Update

UN Climate Change Conference in Copenhagen and Other Developments

Excerpts provided by David Stirpe, Director

The Alliance for Responsible Atmospheric Responsibility

As reported in a previous FSSA white paper, the Copenhagen Climate Change Conference was held in December 2009.  The intent of this meeting was to address the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions, including the commitments by major developing countries to begin emission reduction efforts.  The conference also addressed de-linkage of some of the major developing countries, most notably China, from the “pay to play” diplomacy model.  By that we mean in order to participate in future climate change agreements that are legally binding, large carbon emitters in developing countries, such as China and India, expect financial incentives to be paid by developing countries, primarily the United States.

FSSA Final Climate Change Update 3.25.10

Read this original article and learn more about FSSA Here


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