Modern Fire Protection Technology Points To FM 200 Fire Suppression

It is undeniable that fires provide a bona fide threat to people and belongings. With this in mind, devices and systems for fire protection and prohibition were designed not only to douse fires rapidly but also to protect other belongings. These take on electrical facilities, computer rooms and document storage installations.

Current advancements in technology have induced modifications in the way building structures and offices are contrived. These changes and advancements motivated changes in the pattern and engineering utilized in modern fire curtailment systems. As the evolution of fire extinguishing systems and instruments carried on, an extinguishing factor named Halon was presented. For quite some time, Halon was a widely recognised and used fire extinguishing agent. Lately, an innovative substance has been distinguished that functions as its substitute. It has been called FM 200 Fire Suppression.

As a widely used substitute to Halon, FM 200 Fire Suppression has established itself to be an effective fire suppressant. Also identified as heptafluoropropane (CF3CHFCF3), FM 200 is a clean gas that is applicable for safeguarding facilities which utilised Halon 1301 earlier. It is also a colourless and odourless gas that is applicable in safeguarding electrical hazards including computer rooms.

To better appreciate FM 200 Fire Suppression, let us deliberate its characteristics and gains. FM 200 Fire Suppression has been found relevant for use in occupied regions. It has the capability to be stored in high pressure tanks and is electrically non-conductive. This successively keeps money and space for storage.

It has a very abbreviated dispatch time of 10 seconds and can consequently respond rapidly to fires. There is likewise no residue left to polish off, different to water or foam- based extinguishers, after it is discharged. Since it is a clean gas, there will be no further demand to clean the involved region after utilising it. FM 200 Fire Suppression is likewise sound to apply as it is in compliance with ISO 14520 and NFPA 2001 standards. The nicest feature about this technology is it’s friendly to the environment as it has zero ozone depletion potential.

It is urged that FM 200 Fire Suppression be applied important consideration when designing to utilize an effective fire suppressant since it is both effective and sound for the environment and people.

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