HTOC Reports on New Alternative Agents, Continued Production of Halon 1301 and More.

The Halons Technical Options Commitee (HTOC) met in Montpelier, France on March 9-11th, 2010. HTOC members in attendance were from Article 5 countries India, Jordan, Kuwait, South AFrica, and Venezuela, from CEIT, Russian Federation, as well as from the non-ARticle 5 countries Canada, Japan, United States, and three member states of the European Union. The followis is the update for 2010: TEAP HTOC Excerpt

The May 2010 Technology and Economic Assesment Panel (TEAP) reports are an assessment of HCFC’s and alternatives. Halon’s unique combination of properties ledf to their selection for many specialy hazard fire protection stations..In replacing halons, about 50% of the applications were able to use non-gaseous alternatives such as water, dry chemicals and foams. The remaining 50% of former halon applications use gaseous agents that offer the advantage of also being clean. You can read more here: TEAP Fire Excerpt

If you would like to read the complete TEAP reports, click here.


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