Disaster Recovery: A Wesco Emergency Service Recap

By: George McDonald, Operations Manager

I often liken this place to a “modern day fire house” in that, the bell rings and down the pole we go!

Saturday morning June 5th, 1:45 AM the phone rings at my house-John (our CEO and President) is on the other end. Emergency situation! A company has had a discharge of 3 Fenwall Spheres for 588lbs of 1301. I tell John we’re on it, and call up Mark (our Lead Technician and Operations Supervisor). After explaining that he is not dreaming, I tell him our customer’s techs will be at our shop by 3:00 AM, with spheres to repair and refill. He has to drive from his home down in Island Heights, a trip that takes over an hour. Me, I do my two traffic light trip and open up. All goes smooth! Everyone’s on time. Mark assesses the task at hand and goes into his routine. Cleans out discharges ports, replaces new kits, fills and pressurizes, then checks for leaks – the usual M.O. We are out by 5:30 AM with another satisfied customer!

Later that same Saturday, John, his wife Pate and my wife Barbara and I are at dinner at a favorite Italian restaurant. John answers a call across the table from me. It happens to be Shannon (our Business Development Manager) with a critical request from one of her customers. They need urgently to get 1500 lbs of 1301. As it is now quite late in the evening, I assure all that we can satisfy this, first thing Sunday morning.

I arrive at 8:50 AM Sunday morning. The Wescat (our Fire House Mascot) is happy to see me but very confused. She helps me dial up FedEx Custom Critical to arrange the shipment. We are all set for a 12:30 pick up and I make sure to ask for a call a half hour prior to arrival. The one ton that I need is unfortunately buried 4 deep in the formation. I call in one of our techs (Anthony this time) and have him come in to help.

Once again the Wesco team responded in a timely and professional manner to satisfy a customer in need.

If you would like to read a PDF of this please click here: Disaster Recovery-George’s POV


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