The Air Up There: It’s What We Do!

By: John Demeter
October 2010

Elsewhere on these pages we report on a rather large discharge of halon 1301 that occurred more than 225 miles from our headquarters. As is often the case, the call came in after 5:00pm on a Friday afternoon when most, though not all, of our staff had left for the weekend. As we report, the system was recharged and back on line in 11 hours. Yes, you read that right – 11 hours! The result was a happy end-user, a happy fire equipment distributor (our customer) and a happy staff. (Some of the guys who worked on this emergency are pictured below.)

Other than the fact that this occurred after hours and at the beginning of a weekend, this was just another day at the office. Staff was recalled back quickly, transportation arrangements made, coordination with our fire equipment distributor went smoothly. Of course, we had the halon in stock – recycled, sampled and tested to ASTM Standards – along with the specific reload kits and actuators. By pre-arrangement, identical cylinders were kept on hand, completely serviced and painted and ready to be filled. Our customer’s truck pulled away from out loading dock within 3 hours.

Had this system discharge been of a different clean agent – HFC227, FE25, Novec 1230 – the results would have been the same since we also stock these agents. But this story is not about inventory. It’s about Wesco’s dedication to the fire protection industry; a dedication that is backed up by experience and an understanding of just what it means to make and keep a promise to a customer to have their system back up and running on schedule. It’s about commitment!

The management team at Wesco has over 155 combined years of direct fire protection industry experience. That comes to just over 25 years per person. There isn’t a system that we don’t understand. There isn’t a set of circumstances that we can’t overcome. (And that includes the recharge of a system installed in the loft area of a 25 story office building.) We’re not perfect, but we’re not done yet either.

How committed to the fire protection industry is Wesco? Here are the trade groups we belong to and industry events we’ve participated in during the last 10 months:   Fire Suppression System Association (FSSA) Annual Meeting; FSSA Board of Directors Meetings (2);  National Association of Fire Equipment Distributors Regional Meetings (3);  National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) Annual Meeting;  N.J Association of Fire Equipment Distributors Annual and Fall meetings;  Pennsylvania Association of Fire Equipment Distributors (PAFED) Annual Meeting;  California Association of Life Safety and Fire Equipment (Cal Safe);  Georgia Association of Fire Equipment Distributors (GAFSED);  Fire Equipment Distributors of Texas (FEDOT);  Florida Fire Equipment Dealers Association (FFEDA) Halon Alternative Research Association (4);  Halon Recycling Corporation(4).

And we’ll do it again in 2011!

Our dedicated warehouse workers

Our dedicated warehouse workers

To View a PDF of this article, please click here: The Air Up There October 2010


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