Xtralis Introduces Open Area Smoke Imaging Detection system

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OSID by Xtralis Delivers Fire Detection for Open Spaces without Compromise

New solution reinvents open-area smoke detection with reliability and cost-effectiveness

NORWELL, Mass. January 19, 2011 Xtralis™, the company that revolutionized very early warning aspirating smoke detection (ASD) with VESDA®, has just released its latest innovation – Open-area Smoke Imaging Detection or OSID – designed for open spaces where fire detection presents unique challenges and where very early warning is not always the priority. OSID by Xtralis™ has performed with great reliability in trials over the past few months and achieved UL and ULC listings.

“Xtralis is known for delivering detection solutions without compromise, and VESDA ASD is the most reliable solution for very early warning smoke detection in any environment, including open areas,” explains Ghassan Habelrih, senior vice president of fire, strategy and business development for Xtralis. “But when only standard sensitivity is required, OSID offers the most reliable and cost-effective solution for open spaces because it delivers superior performance to overcome all of the shortcomings inherent to other detection systems currenty used in these applications.”

Beam, heat and flame detectors often are used in open spaces for fire detection. Beam detectors, however, are susceptible to building movement and prone to false alarms due to dust, condensation and object intrusion. They also are difficult to align and therefore time consuming to install. Heat and flame detectors, while offering higher reliability, only detect fire in the developed, flaming stage, which negates early detection and results in threats to life safety and major property damage.

OSID’s uncompromising performance is based on the patented use of digital imaging, dual-frequency beams and smart algorithms delivering:

  • Fast, reliable standard sensitivity detection with absolute calibration
  • Full immunity to vibrations and extreme building movement
  • Complete resistance to dust, steam, fog, condensation and other obstructions
  • Full immunity to reflections
  • Simple installation, commissioning and maintenance to dramatically lower costs
  • Consistent performance in any ambient lighting or total darkness
  • 3-D volumetric coverage for design flexibility and additional cost savings

“We’re excited about the new OSID technology from Xtralis because of the advances it brings to standard sensitivity fire detection for open areas,” says Donald Ohl, partner and vice president of sales for Comprehensive Fire Technologies (ComTec), an Xtralis channel partner. “VESDA ASD is our preferred solution for very early warning smoke detection, but when standard sensitivity detection is the requirement, the most commonly used technologies have proved difficult and time consuming to install and are apt to false alarms that cost us – and our customers — time, money and aggravation. OSID provides reliable smoke detection and delivers significant time and money savings when it comes to installation and maintenance, which will help us protect our customer relationships.”

In its simplest configuration, OSID uses one imager, a camera-like device with a wide field of view, and a wired or battery-powered emitter roughly aligned on the opposite wall within the protected area. The emitter sends both infrared and ultraviolet coded light signals to the imager. If the light reception is altered due to the presence of genuine smoke particles, the imager will go into alarm. The novel use of dual light frequencies in an open-path device enables OSID to discriminate between real smoke and other objects, including insects, steam, condensation and dust, thus drastically reducing false alarms.

OSID installation and commissioning is simple because exact alignment between the imager and emitter is not required. An imager can locate and lock in an emitter that is only roughly aligned thanks to the imager’s wide field of view. And because OSID uses a wide-angle imaging sensor, its sophisticated algorithms can compensate for vibrations and building movement.

A significant benefit of OSID is its ability to provide volumetric coverage. As many as seven emitters can be placed within the field of view of a single imager, each placed at different heights. The imager’s large viewing angles, both horizontal and vertical, enable three-dimensional area coverage for design flexibility and additional deployment savings. Unlike other volumetric technologies, OSID delivers absolute calibration for consistent detection performance regardless of lighting conditions, smoke color, airflows or other environmental conditions.

“The quality and reliability improvements achieved by the innovative new OSID technology have resulted in better performance and higher resistance to false alarms typically caused by dust, steam, insects, objects or human interference,” says Jorge Moreno, North America Program Manager, Environmental and Building Technologies, Frost & Sullivan. “The extraordinary tolerance of the OSID product to misalignment means that nuisance alarms caused by building movement or misalignment at installation are a thing of the past.”

Moreno continues, “This cost-effective smoke detection solution is bringing more value to facility owners by means of lower installation costs and advanced image detection capabilities. The simple and easy installation and maintenance requirements make OSID advantageous for customers and contractors alike. End-user demand for cost-effective, simple and UL-listed smoke detection technologies is a driving force suggesting OSID will penetrate the market faster than contemporary beam detectors.”

OSID is ideal for use in a wide range of industries and applications. These include atriums, domes and large rooms in airports, train stations, hotels, convention centers, entertainment venues, shopping centers, stadiums and office buildings/complexes and warehouses.

About Xtralis

Xtralis is the leading global provider of powerful solutions for the early detection of fire, gas and security threats. Our technologies prevent disasters by giving users time to respond before life, critical infrastructure or business continuity is compromised. We protect high-value and irreplaceable assets belonging to the world’s top governments and businesses.

Our solutions include VESDA by Xtralis – the world’s No.1 brand of very early warning aspirating smoke detection (ASD) systems, VESDA ECO by Xtralis™ – ASD plus gas detection and environmental monitoring, ICAM™ by Xtralis – flexible aspirating smoke detection, ICAM ECO by Xtralis – ASD plus gas detection and environmental monitoring, OSID by Xtralis – standard sensitivity smoke detection for open areas, ADPRO® by Xtralis – perimeter, multi-site and enterprise security, and ASIM™ by Xtralis – intelligent traffic detection. To learn more, please visit us at www.xtralis.com.


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