Ansul Issues Position Paper on Inergen Acoustics


3 Responses to Ansul Issues Position Paper on Inergen Acoustics

  1. Gianluca says:

    I contacted Seagate that’s one of the largest HDDs manufacturers. They told me that:

    None of our enterprise drives are manufactured to withstand sudden changes in pressure. Mostly because a server room rarely changes in elevation or pressure.

    If you have a fire prevention system that will cause a sudden change in pressure like this, it may be best to contact the manufacturer of that fire prevention system for further details on how to prevent a sudden pressure change.

    Otherwise, the best method for data protection is backing up the important data in multiple places. Failing that, there is always data recovery as well which can recover data from a drive in pretty much any condition.

  2. Iswar says:

    Wouldn’t other Inert systems which operate at similar nozzle pressures and at similar noise levels as Inergen systems also impact the performance of hard disk drives?
    Since Inert systems employing cylinder valves with controlled flow technology reduce the noise level in the protected hazard, will it eliminate the risk of failure of hard disk drives in the protected hazard?

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