APi Group Welcomes 3S Incorporated to the APi Family of Companies

December 17, 2012 – APi Group is pleased to welcome 3S Incorporated to the APi family of companies. The transaction closed December 7.

3S operates in all markets across North America and specializes in providing fire protection systems for automotive manufacturing, steel mills, power plants and heavy industrial applications. 3S offers turnkey solutions for any project ranging from the protection of server equipment to the largest industrial manufacturing processes.

“We are incredibly excited to join APi, the most respected company in our industry,” said 3S President, Matt Euson. “We look forward to contributing in any way we can to the success of APi and are eager to partner with the [sister companies] on new prospects.”

Headquartered in Ohio, 3S has provided customers with fire protection systems in the commercial and industrial markets since 1987. With additional offices in Indiana and Mexico, 3S offers consulting, system design, fabrication, project management, installation, and service and inspections.

“We are pleased to have 3S join the APi family,” said APi Group CEO and President, Russ Becker. “The company has great people and a solid reputation.”

3S is unique in the fire protection industry for designing, fabricating and testing is own industrial fire protection controls housed in industrial enclosures. Applications include flame detection, gas detection and suppression with the ability to integrate with process controls.

Over the next few months we will be in the process of integrating the new company into our group. To learn more about 3S, please visit: www.3s-incorporated.com.


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