FSSA’s New Training Program

FSSA Annunciator
February 2013

FSSA announced the launch of a new Online Training Program designed to educate and train personnel within the fire suppression industry. This new initiative, according to Shawn Mullen, Protex Central, FSSA Training Committee, “will enable member companies and others to take advantage of on-line training at a very reasonable cost. We are very enthused about the benefits of the Training Program and what it means to many people in their career educational path.”

The Training Program is a result of several years work and effort of many people. It is divided in to four work areas: two basic and two advanced.

These custom courses are based on our products, procedures, practices and systems. FSSA has teamed with Flex Training to offer training that adapts to a person’s learning. It is a collaborative model that offers:

* Multimedia, learner exercises, quizzes, exams
* Easy-to-master planning and tracking tools
* Training based on solid educational best practices by course development experts
* Template-based learning with consistent outcomes and knowledge retention

After satisfying the elements and testing in each work area, students will receive a certificate of completion.

For a listing of the four work areas and related elements, as well as pricing information, please click here.

FSSA thanks all of those persons assisting in this effort including David McGlynn, Derek Wester, Tom Wysocki, Dan Hubert, George Keeley, and Shawn Mullen.

A FSSA Member company may purchase a “seat license” for an employee of the company. This seat license can be used for one level or all four levels.  There is no expiration date for the seat license. A company may purchase as many seat licenses as it wishes. The seat license would be dedicated to a specific individual and would not be transferrable.


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