Lenmark Receives FSSA Leadership Award

The award is generally presented at the Fire Suppression Systems Association’s Annual Meeting, but since Voigt and Mary Jean were vacationing in Maui during the meeting, the FSSA Board of Directors voted unanimously to present this special award during his retirement party on November 17, 2012, during his retirement party.

Voigt “V2” Lenmark Jr was presented with the FSSA Leadership Award and is now the fourth recipient in the fire suppression industry to receive this award. The FSSA Leadership Award recognizes those individuals who have displayed leadership and dedication to the industry.

Voigt was a founder of FSSA and served in several positions including president in 1992. His steadfastness and business acumen helped not only his company but FSSA as well, especially during the formative years of the association. Voigt led by example and blazed a trail for FSSA when times were difficult. He proved that the association was indeed a valuable entity, and today FSSA is stronger and more vital than ever.

After 43 years in the fire protection business, FSSA congratulates V2 and wishes both him and Mary Jean a happy retirement! V2 officially retired at the end of December 2012.

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