Sullivan Named FSSA Honorary Member

FSSA Annunciator
January 2013

The board of directors approved John Sullivan for FSSA honorary membership and he will join the prestigious list of currently recognized honorary members. Sullivan served several terms on the FSSA Board of Directors and was an active member, as well as regular participant at FSSA conferences. Other FSSA honorary members include: Jim Kidd, George Krabbe, Carl Jewell, Charles B. Ford, Marv Charney, Daniel Moore, George Grabowski, Harry Newell, Lee Applegate, Charles Willms, Bob Yellin, and Jim Suarez.

Sullivan will join us at the 2013 FSSA Annual Forum, so be sure to congratulate him for receiving this honor when you see him in Florida.

FSSA grants honorary membership to an individual whose contribution to the fire suppression and protection industry including having served in an official capacity with FSSA as a board member, committee chairperson. The person must have been an active member in FSSA committees and conferences for at least ten years. In addition, the individual must display a reputation that upholds the principals on which FSSA was founded and continues to operate. This reputation is to include issues such as honesty, passion for the industry and a promoter of the FSSA. An honorary member should also display a desire to continue to actively participate in promoting FSSA and its causes, as well as an intention to be active at the FSSA conferences.


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