A Letter From the Executive Director of HARC

May 6, 2013

Dear Aviation Stakeholder,

For more than twenty years the Halon Alternatives Research Corporation (HARC) has served as a facilitating organization for industry in its pursuit of environmentally acceptable fire protection technologies. One of the most difficult challenges over this period has proved to be the development and implementation of alternatives to halons for commercial aviation. In an effort to accelerate progress in this area, HARC will be sponsoring a special Alternatives to Halon for Aviation Meeting of key stakeholders to discuss current activities by the aerospace industry and to solicit broader engagement on aircraft fire protection alternatives.

More specifically, years of effort have been invested by industry, primarily working independently, to find a replacement for Halon 1301 in civil aviation engine and auxiliary power unit (APU) fire zones. Unfortunately these efforts have not produced a widely accepted agent. A considerable amount of time and resource consuming work likely remains to complete the task and may not be cost or time-efficient using the current approach.

Therefore, a proposal to form an Industry Consortium (IC) that will identify a non-halon agent for industry-wide use on engines/APUs is to be presented. The intent of the IC is to leverage air framers, fire extinguishing system suppliers, engine/APU/nacelle companies, governmental resources, and other key stakeholder resources to share agent development burdens. The IC’s final deliverable would ideally be a common industry non-halon fire extinguishing solution for
engine/APU fire zones that:

1. is compliant to basic industry and regulatory requirements;
2. meets multiple airframe, engine, APU, nacelle, etc. requirements;
3. meets multiple governmental agency regulatory requirements;
4. provides a viable business solution for IC partners; and
5. can be incorporated into an airplane design with minimal adaptation development, qualification, and certification risk.

Further information regarding this proposal, including benefits of forming the IC, preliminary statements of work, IC structure, and a phased activity schedule will be discussed at the meeting.

A follow on discussion will include possible umbrella organizations to support the IC. Other topics at the meeting will include an overview of current and potential research activities, the aerospace industry’s new Cargo Compartment Halon Replacement Working Group, along with a historical perspective and a look-ahead on halon drivers and availability.

As Executive Director of HARC, I hope you will find these topics of interest and I am inviting you to join us. The meeting logistics are:

Date: Tuesday, June 11, 2013
Time: 8:45 am – noon
Location: Hyatt Regency Chicago

151 East Wacker Drive
Chicago, IL 60601
Room: Skyway 260

RSVP: May 31, 2013 to cortinaec@cox.net

Please don’t hesitate to contact me with any questions. I look forward to hearing from you soon.


Thomas Cortina
Executive Director

1001 19th Street North
Suite 1200
Arlington, VA 22209


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