Tyco FPP Takes the Cheese – Bolts US for Switzerland


A Message From Colleen Repplier, President of Tyco Fire Protection Products


In July 2013, I announced Fire Protection Products’ Plan supporting the Project Pinnacle initiative and increasing Tyco’s presence in Switzerland. The first phase of this initiative was to set up our Fire Detection headquarters and run this business segment from Tyco’s growing Neuhausen, Switzerland hub. We did this to take advantage of a geographic location well-positioned at the center of our global markets and to realize cost and operating efficiencies from simplifying the end-to-end business processes and from centralizing the decision making in Switzerland. We made this change as part of a broader focus on how to best integrate FPP into the overall, global Tyco enterprise, consistent with similar moves by other businesses and functions, such as retail, sourcing and L&D.

We have made great progress since then, implementing Project Pinnacle and contributing to Tyco’s success. Four members of the FPP Senior Leadership Team (SLT), and several of the team members, either have relocated to, or are working from, the Neuhausen office.

The decision to move is not one I have taken lightly. It is very much a natural outcome of the hard works everyone in FPP has put in over the past seven years to take a group of separate, regional businesses and integrate them into a truly global business that is the world leader of the fire protection industry,

First, we integrated out Water & Mechanical and Special Hazards businesses. Soon after, we added the Detection business followed by four bolt-on acquisitions. Over the past year, we drove our integration further when we moved to a global product segment P&L structure and completed the first phase of the Project Pinnacle Detection integration. All during this time, we have steadily ramped up growth in fast-moving emerging markets in Asia, Latin America and the Middle East. We have become a supplier of choice to increasingly global customers in industry verticals like commercial, power & industrial, institutional and oil & gas. In parallel, we have led the centralization to Tyco’s codes and standards approach to ensure Tyco speaks with one choice as the fire industry’s thought leader. We have created a very healthy, growing global business, aligned by product segment and run as an integrated operating unit within the Tyco operating company enterprise structure. For that reason, this is the right time for me to move to a location that is at the center of our global markets and to merge a FPP hub with a Tyco enterprise hub.

I want to reinforce the point that this move does not diminish the importance of our Lansdale, Pennsylvania operations. Lansdale remains a key location for the FPP business. Many operational and functional leaders will continue to be based in Lansdale and will support the global transformation of the FPP business.

I know for many, especially FPP team members in Lansdale, this is a significant change. It is, however, good change from my perspective and part of our journey to become and remain the global industry leader. We work in an environment that changes rapidly, and requires each of us to adapt. It is important in this type of rapidly changing environment to stay connected more than ever. The best way I can think of to stay connected is by active and pro-active engagement with your colleagues – reach out, connect, collaborate, learn and share. Get involved in activities such as grass roots/culture teams, Women’s Growth Network events, informal lunches, etc. In the meantime, I will ask the SLT to join me in increasing the frequency and level of our communications, including holding regular town halls at their current and visiting locations, having informal lunches and skip level sessions and by leveraging video to communicate more frequently and more effectively.

Although my time zone is changing, my passion for our people, our customers and Tyco’s leadership in the fire protection industry is as strong as ever. I look forward to continuing our journey together!

Best Regards,

Colleen Repplier
President, Tyco Fire Protection Products

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