Firetrace International Acquired by Halma



Scottsdale, Arizona based Firetrace USA, LLC, a global leader in the innovation of special hazard fire protection systems, announced that it has been acquired by Halma plc, a market leading specialist safety, health and environmental technology group.

The acquisition includes all three Firetrace USA companies; Firetrace International, dedicated to fire protection for commercial and industrial markets, FIRE Panel, providing the patented FIRE Panel utilized in the protection of fuel tanks involved in high-energy impacts, and Firetrace Aerospace, which adapts the life saving commercial technologies of Firetrace and FIRE Panel and integrates them into the aviation and ground vehicle markets.

Mark Cavanaugh, President and CEO of Firetrace, said, “This acquisition comes at the perfect time. Firetrace has experienced significant growth and change over the past two years and is poised to continue on that trajectory. The acquisition will help elevate our business and Firetrace will continue to execute on its mission of providing leading fire suppression systems across the globe.”

The terms of the deal were US $110.0 million cash consideration.

Firetrace will join Halma’s Infrastructure Safety sector which includes global leaders in the design and manufacture of flame and smoke detectors, fire detection systems, security sensors and audible/visual warning devices.

“I’m very pleased that we have been able to provide our exiting shareholders with the tremendous return on investment that Firetrace has achieved. We are also looking forward to Firetrace’s future,” said Cavanaugh.


About Firetrace® International

ISO 9001:2008 registered Firetrace International is headquartered in Scottsdale, Arizona, with offices in Gatwick in the UK and Dubai. Genuine Firetrace is available only via Firetrace International’s global network of authorized distributors. These trading partners are skilled in hazard analysis, agent and system selection, installation, commissioning and support. They also use only genuine Firetrace components. Details of these authorized distributors are available by contacting Firetrace International at The Firetrace EMEA head office in the UK can be contacted on +44 (0) 1293 780390 and the company’s website is at
For further information, please contact:

Scott M. Starr
Director of Marketing
Firetrace International
+1 480 607 1218


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