California Continues Its Attack on HFCs

April 2016

The Calfornia Air Resources Board (CARB) issued a Proposed Short Lived Climate Pollutants Strategy which includes possible controls on methane, black carbon and HFCs.

For HFCs, the strategy proposes the following emission reduction measures:

  • Financial incentive for low-GWP refrigeration early adoption – Intended to reduce potentially higher up-front costs of low-GWP refrigeration adoption.
  • HFC supply phasedown – ARB may pursue a California HFC supply phase down if an HFC amendment is not adopted under the Montreal Protocol in 2016.
  • Sales ban of very-high GWP refrigerants – Sale of refrigerants with 100-year GWPs of 2500 and greater would be prohibited from January 1, 2020. Reclaimed or recycled refrigerants would be exempt. Does not impact the sale of high-GWP HFCs for fire protection or other applications.
  • Prohibition on high-GWP refrigerants in new stationary systems – Prohibits the use of high-GWP refrigerants in new commercial, industrial and residential refrigeration and air conditioning equipment.

No actions specific to fire protection are proposed in the strategy.

Comments on the proposed strategy are due to ARB by May 26. ARB will hold a public workshop on the proposed strategy on April 26 and it will be discussed at a May 19 Board meeting.

To read the entire report click here – proposed SLCP strategy 11APR2016.

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