EPA to Issue New SNAP List – 2BTP Advances

CEA410 Pulled. Calls for Comments on HFC227 and HFC125.

The U.S. EPA issued a proposed rule that would list new alternatives under the Significant New Alternatives Policy (SNAP) program and changes the current SNAP status of other alternatives.  The proposed rule is expected to be published in the Federal Register within 10 days.

For fire protection, the rule lists 2bromo3,3,3trifluoropropene (2BTP) as acceptable as a total flooding agent for use in engine nacelles and auxiliary power units (APUs) on aircraft, and acceptable as a streaming agent for use in handheld extinguishers in aircraft.  EPA is reviewing additional potential fire suppression applications for 2-BTP, but is not taking action on those other uses in this proposed rule.

It also changes the SNAP status of perfluorocarbons (PFC-410 and PFC-218) to unacceptable as of one year after publication of the rule.

In addition, EPA requests advance comments and updated information on total flooding uses of SF6, HFC-23, and HFC-125, and on both total flooding and streaming uses of HFC-227ea.  Specifically, EPA is requesting comment on the continuing use of these alternatives and the availability of substitutes or alternative technologies or processes that would obviate their continued use.

Comments on the proposed rule will be due to EPA 45 days after publication in the Federal Register.

Read the revised EPA SNAP here – EPA SNAP

Read the EPA SNAP Fact Sheet here – EPA SNAP Fact Sheet

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