Jeff Kidd Steps Up As General Manager of Hiller New England

hiller_neJuly 2016

Hiller Herald

Hiller New England Fire Protection is the largest and most respected special hazard fire protection company in the New England area. The office is located in Wilmington, Massachusetts and currently has twenty-six employees. Hiller New England specializes in the protection of IT/computer rooms, commercial operations and large industrial manufacturing operations. They also supply a variety of fire protection products to large military and government based companies. Just this year, they have completed work at a Missile Range Facility in Hawaii, MIT Lincoln Laboratories, Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute and Verizon Business.

Jeff Kidd

Jeff Kidd

Hiller New England is fortunate to have the largest line of manufacturers available to their operation in the New England market, as it allows them to provide customers with every fire protection solution available.

With the retirement of Peter Hanson, Jeff Kidd will step up to take over the position of General Manager of Hiller New England Fire Protection. Jeff has been with Hiller New England since 1996 in a sales and engineering capacity. He currently sits on NFPA & FSSA as a Technical Committee Member and holds a NICET IV for Special Hazard Fire Suppression Systems Design. During his 20 years with Hiller, he has been preparing for his upcoming role and great things are expected in the coming years of Hiller New England under Jeff’s leadership.

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