Netia (Poland/Data Center) Goes with Tyco System



Polish operator Netia has completed the first stage of the upgrade of its data center in Warsaw. It has become the first collocation center with a state-of-the-art ‘silent nozzle’ extinguisher system. The operator has invested dozens of millions of zlotys in constructing and upgrading the center’s infrastructure, including a fire system of the latest generation, said Adam Kowalczyk, Senior Product Manager at Netia.

Traditional fire systems cause a huge noise, associated with discharging gas, of 135 decibels, similar to a jet plane starting. This can cause permanent damage to a collocation device, such as hard disks, which are highly sensitive and may include critical data.

The system of silent nozzles and pressure regulators enable continuous discharge of gas from bottles, reducing potential turbulence and bringing noise to a safe level, something over 100 decibels, said Zdzislaw Bernaciak, Director of the Department of Health & Safety, Fire Protection and Environment at Netia.

Netia used the services of Tyco, a globally known producer and supplier of extinguishing systems.

Original article can be found here.

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