Fike Charges into Fluoroketone Market


By MDM Publishing Ltd
Gulf Fire

With its recent launch of chemical clean agent FK-5-1-12, Fike International Sdn. Bhd. now features one of the most diverse and comprehensive fire suppression lineups for use in both commercial and industrial environments.

FK-5-1-12 is the most eco-friendly chemical clean agent available. It offers all the effectiveness of other chemical agent solutions but with zero ozone-depleting potential and a global warming potential of just one. Its non-conductive and non-corrosive properties make the clean agent safe to use in all environments. And little residue equals little downtime and cleanup required after discharge.

All of these properties make FK-5-1-12 one of the most sought after chemical agents of today’s special fire hazard solutions, and it is now a key asset in Fike’s product portfolio.

The Fike Difference

There are several manufacturers of FK-5-1-12 fire suppression systems. However, Fike’s FK-5-1-12 fire suppression systems offer the following distinct advantages:

  • Best-in-Class Flow – Only Fike’s FK-5-1-12 fire suppression solution comes equipped with proprietary Impulse Valve Technology. Featuring Fike’s reverse-acting Axius™ Rupture Disc, the Impulse Valve allows for a full, unrestricted flow of agent upon discharge. This results in minimal friction losses, allowing for longer pipe runs, smaller diameter pipes and greater design flexibility.
  • Cost Effective – Why pay more for less? Fike is among the lowest priced sources of FK-5-1-12 extinguishant, and, with Fike, you’re not just purchasing the chemical agent. You’re also purchasing the state-of-the-art Fike hardware and the dedicated customer service Fike is known for – at an industry-leading price.
  • Fast Acting – Upon discharge the agent fills the protected area in less than 10 seconds, suppressing fires well before damage occurs. Because it operates at pressures 40 percent greater than a standard 360 psi system, the Fike system naturally has longer flow capabilities. This provides more design flexibility, including the option to locate the system further from the protected space.
  • Custom-Fit Solutions – At its core, Fike is a problem solver. And sometimes problems are solved with multiple solutions, such as through the use of water mist, inert gases and/or chemical agents. The addition of FK-5-1-12 allows Fike the flexibility to further develop custom-fit options for virtually any application.
  • Data Centers – FK-5-1-12 is safe for electronics and requires no cleanup, making it the ideal agent for protecting data centers and other environments containing sensitive electronics.
  • Control Rooms – Because it is non-conductive and leaves behind little residue, FK-5-1-12 is the agent of choice for protecting the control rooms that manage systems in manufacturing, processing or power-producing facilities.
  • Valuable Assets – In environments like museums and historical archives, water can be as damaging as the fire it extinguishes. Fike’s FK 5-1-12 system extinguishes a fire in its most incipient stage, and is itself non-damaging to even the most sensitive materials.
  • Other Applications – Fike has helped design and outfit hundreds of organizations with custom-fit fire suppression solutions, from machine shops to medical facilities to everything in between.

Its effectiveness at quickly suppressing fires while also protecting the environment has established FK-5-1-12 as one of the most trusted chemical agents available. And now, coupled with Fike’s Impulse Valve Technology, experience and customer service, FK-5-1-12 just got even better.

Notice: Fike® FK-5-1-12 systems may not be transported through, or installed in, any of the following countries: France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Mexico, South Korea, Spain, the UK, or the USA.

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