Explosion at Kidde-Fenwal Facility in Ashland – Ruptured CO2 Line to Blame

A carbon dioxide pipe rupture at the Kidde-Fenwal location in Ashland. (Neal McNamara/Patch)


By Neal McNamara, Patch Staff

ASHLAND, MA — Police and firefighters were responding to a reported explosion at a manufacturing facility in Ashland.

According to town officials, “some type of industrial explosion” occurred at the Kidde-Fenwal building along Main Street, just south of the downtown area.

The fire department reported a ruptured carbon dioxide supply line. A state Department of Fire Services hazmat team was responding to the site.


There were no immediate reports of injuries, but Ashland firefighters evacuated several streets near the building. The carbon dioxide line was “venting freely,” firefighters said. Carbon dioxide is not flammable, and is sometimes used in special fire extinguishers in liquid form.

Kidde-Fenwal manufactures fire protection systems and is owned by the Carrier company.

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